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Our DnaBean and App nudge you towards healthier choices, while you shop

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Personalised nutrition and skincare based on your DNA

We're all different because our genetic make-up is different. In fact your DNA is unique to you. This genetic code also determines which foods and skin products are good or bad for us.

How does it work?

The DnaCartridge. No white coats here. We put your saliva into our patented cartridge, essentially an entire Lab on a chip.

The NudgeBox. Where the magic happens. The DnaCartridge is activated. Your DNA is extracted, analysed and the data is loaded onto your personalised DnaBean.

The DnaBean and DnaBand. Choose your colour combination and wear your digital DNA. Your own DNA can now guide you every time you shop, nudging you towards better choices.

The DnaNudge App. Download our App and discover your unique DNA report, activity monitor, and your personalised DNA-based product recommendations.

We're all different, thanks to our DNA

The Nutrition package is not a diet, you still decide what to eat. DnaNudge uses your own DNA to nudge you towards healthier choices each time you shop. These every day small swaps can lead to big positive changes to your health over the long term.