Active Nudge


(Note: You must have had a DnaNudge test before adding Active Nudge)

For ultimate personalisation of your DNA test results, Active Nudge will constantly update your DNA-based recommendations in real time, monitoring your inactivity levels throughout the day and relating these back to your available GREEN product choices. A lack of activity turns some of your GREEN products to RED. To get them back to GREEN, you just need to move a little.

DnaBean + DnaBand + In-Built Product Barcode-Scanner + Sedentary Monitoring Functionality + Weekly Steps VS Sitting Report + Green DNA Bar Functionality on App

  • Choose your DnaBean Colour: Black
  • Choose your DnaBand Colour: Black
  • Choose your DnaBand Size: Small


The sophisticated and innovative technology behind our ground-breaking service has taken many years to develop. The centrepiece is our award-winning ‘lab-on-a-chip’ DnaCartridge. This miracle of miniaturisation mirrors all the processes and procedures that normally take place in a room-sized laboratory – all on a compact device the size of a coaster. Once your swab is inserted into our patented cartridge the technological magic begins.