Skincare Nudge


There is a myriad of facial skincare products on the market, so how do you choose which ones are right for you?

Our test and technology decode your DNA, to unlock your skin-related genetic predispositions and we then use these to nudge you towards skincare products containing the right ingredients and correct formulations for your unique skin. Products compatible with your skin will scan green and less suitable options will scan red. For every red product you scan, our App will show you a variety of similar green alternatives, tailored to you.

We take into account your lifestyle as well as your genes and provide you with a targeted breakdown of “What Your Skin Needs.”

In your personalised report, we analyse 8 skin-related genetic traits: collagen degradation, deep wrinkles, eyelid sagging, fine lines, loss of hydration, oxidative stress, photoageing and skin irritation.

DNA Test + DNA Report + DnaNudge App + our Skincare Barcode-Scanning Service on your Smartphone


Unlike other DNA tests that can deliver baffling results, DnaNudge provides a simple, actionable service that decodes the secrets within your genes to help you work in tune with your biology, every day.

When you’re shopping, we’ll nudge you to make small, personalised swaps from one product to another, helping you to make the best daily choices for you, based on your DNA. It’s easy – simply scan the product barcode, with your smartphone or our DnaBean accessory, to see if it’s red or green for you. If it’s red, don’t worry; we’ll always show you green alternatives, so you can still enjoy the product you love.