Q. What is the Express DNA Test?
A. DnaNudge is pleased to offer The Express DNA Test service at a selection of retail locations stores across the UK – with the aim to provide you with actionable results related to your genetic risk for Oxidative Stress and your Caffeine Metabolism. If you would like to purchase this service, the team in store will be on hand to help you get started by collecting a quick and easy cheek swab, testing it in store using our patented next-generation technology, with results delivered to your DnaNudge app within as little as 15 minutes. You will then be able to scan facial skincare products based on their antioxidant benefits, along with gaining deeper understanding of your Caffeine Metabolism.


Q. How is the test processed?
A. In store you will complete a digital registration form and give a simple cheek swab. Your swab sample will then be place into one of our DnaCartridges, which is then inserted into our patented NudgeBox. Once we have finished testing your sample it will be destroyed – we do not retain any genetic samples and you will have full visibility of the testing process as it happens, right there in store. Just in case you have any questions, a member of the store team will guide you through each step along the way.


Q. Are there age restrictions to the Express DNA Test?
A. A user must be aged 16 or above to purchase an Express DNA Test, and any user aged 16 or 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be asked to provide their consent before we are able to carry out any testing.


Q. Where can I find my nearest Express DNA Test provider?
A. Currently our Express DNA Test is available at various Holland & Barrett stores across the UK. To find your nearest location check out the NEWS section of this website or email our customer support team who will help with your enquiry.


Q. Is an appointment needed to take an Express DNA Test?
A. No appointment necessary! Simply go to a store that provides our Express DNA Test to have your test there and then.


Q. Can I have an Express DNA Test if I already have the DnaNudge service?
A. If you are already a user of the DnaNudge service, you do not need to undertake an Express DNA Test. As this test takes a focused look at 2 specific genetic traits that already form a part of our wider Nutrition and Skincare Nudge tests. The Express DNA Test is intended to be an entry level test that gives an affordable taste of the DnaNudge service with a focus on 2 important genetic traits.


Q. Can I upgrade my Express DNA Test to a full Nutrition or Skincare Nudge Test?
A. Absolutely! Simply follow the links in your DnaNudge Express Test app profile to see your upgrade kit options, including an exclusive discount. The upgrade kit will be dispatched direct to your home address for you to complete an additional swab that will be tested in our London based lab. Your upgraded DNA reports will then automatically unlock on your DnaNudge app.


Q. I have taken an Express DNA Test and upgraded to the full Skincare Nudge service, why have skincare product recommendations have changed?
A. Our Express DNA Test provides facial skincare recommendations that focus on a products with ingredients that have Oxidative Stress reducing benefits. If you upgrade to our full Skincare Nudge service you will now find that those same facial skincare products may no longer be recommended to you, or that new products are now more highly recommended. This is perfectly normal as our app now has a lot more information about your genetic needs, and so it will now try to suggest products that are good for your skin in lots of diverse ways, instead of focusing only on Oxidative stress. If previously a product had a green ‘thumbs-up’ rating, indicating it was a recommended for you, but now this result is a red ‘thumbs-down,’ this does not mean a product is ‘bad’ for you. It just means that when the app is looking at all the unique needs your skin has, it can recommend other product that have more benefits for your skin than the others. Our handy in-app recommendations are guided by your genes, but they also look to suggest alternatives that are as similar as possible to the item you just searched for, meaning your skincare regime does not have to change at all!