Q. What is DnaNudge?

A. DnaNudge is a retail based, on-the-spot genetic testing service, which provides product recommendations suited to your DNA to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Q. How does the DnaNudge service work?

A. You order online on our website or purchase in-store. Do your cheek swab at home or in-store, which we load into a DnaCartridge to extract your DNA. The cartridge is put into one of our NudgeBoxes where we run the DNA test. We send you your results via the DnaNudge App. You can then connect your DnaBean which allows you to shop with your DNA. You can scan the barcode of products with your DnaBean (wear it as a wristband to make it an Active Nudge!) or the App to see whether it is recommended for you or not, nudging you towards the better products for you.

Q. How large is your food database?

A. Our Nutrition database has over 500,000 products. We update all our databases regularly, so the number of products is growing all the time.

Q. Where can I use my DnaBean and DnaNudge App?

A. You can scan products in most major UK supermarkets including Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury, Tesco, Co-op, Morrisons and Asda. Our UK-based nutrition database currently contains over half a million products, including a large number of international brands; however, you will be unable to scan products local to other countries outside the UK. But we are working every day to expand the number of products available to scan in the UK and Worldwide.