What is DnaNudge?

DnaNudge is a retail based, on-the-spot genetic testing service that provides product recommendations suited to your DNA to promote a healthy lifestyle.

What is the DnaBand?

The DnaBand is a wearable device that stores your digital DNA and helps you make healthier choices by personalising your shopping with your DNA, monitoring your lifestyle and connecting and matching to friends.

How do I set up my DnaBand?

Download your DnaNudge App from the iTunes or Google Play App store and set up your account. Make sure your DnaBand is charged. Turn your DnaBand on. Go to the DnaNudge App and and follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I sync my DnaBand?

Make sure your phone's bluetooth is on. Press the button on your DnaBand once to turn it on. Head to the Lifestyle tab on your DnaNudge App and press 'sync', holding the phone and the App close together.

Why won't my DnaBand device sync?

Make sure your DnaBand is charged and your phone's bluetooth is turned on.

Why isn't my DnaBand charging?

Please ensure that there is no dust or dirt in the places where the charger and the capsule connect. Make sure the DnaBand charger is properly connected to a USB port.

How do I turn my DnaBand on and off?

Press the button once to turn the DnaBand on. The LED will flash red, green, then blue. Press and hold the DnaBand to turn the DnaBand off. The LED will flash red.

Why does the DnaNudge App ask for my location?

We request access to your location so we can develop our service, including showing you relevant product alternatives that are located near you and that are suited to you. Google changed its permission requirements beginning with Android OS 6.0. As a result, the locations permission is necessary to sync your DnaBand with your Android device

Do I need to pair my Android device to my DnaBand?

Pairing is not required to sync to DnaBand.

Android 10 connection issue

On mobile devices using Android 10 there is a known issue with the devices being able to connect to the DnaBand. This is caused by an issue within the Android system and is seen across other wearable devices. Fortunately, by following the below instructions, it is possible to resolve this issue and use the DnaNudge Service without hindrance.

  1. If using the DnaNudge App for the first time please open the DnaNudge App, select the ‘Get Started’ option and complete the steps to register for the App and verify your email.
  2. If you have already registered within for the DnaNudge App, then please uninstall and reinstall the DnaNudge App from the Play Store and sign into your account.
  3. The DnaNudge App will request access to your device’s location, please deny permission for location.
  4. Next the DnaNudge App will request that you grant it access photos and media, please allow permission for this access.
  5. Next navigate out of the to the home screen of your device by pressing the bottom centre home button.
  6. Navigate to your device’s ‘Settings', then 'Location', then 'App permission'
  7. Scroll down to the apps that have been denied location permission, select DnaNudge and allow location access permission.
  8. Return to the DnaNudge App.
  9. Select the ‘Connect a DnaBand’ and proceed to use enjoy the DnaNudge Service!

What happens to my data if I lose my DnaBand?

Do not worry if you lose your DnaBand. Your data is encrypted in the DnaBand and can only be synced with your own App account. You can buy a new DnaBand and set it up through your App account.


If you have any questions about the DnaNudge service, you can contact us at: customerservices@dnanudge.com