Nutrition Nudge


When it comes to nutrition, there is no “one size fits all,” and generalised recommendations may not be right for you. DnaNudge is not a diet. We don’t want to keep you from eating your favourite foods – we will simply nudge you towards the best versions of those foods for you and your genes. We enable you to use your DNA, your own biology, to inform your everyday choices – it makes health personal.

Our test and technology use your DNA test to unlock your nutrition-related genetic predispositions and we then use these to nudge you towards foods containing ingredients which will best benefit your health. Products compatible with your genes will scan green and less suitable options will scan red. For every red product you scan, our App will show you a variety of similar green alternatives, tailored to you.

You can also filter your green product recommendations to exclude items containing ingredients you wish to avoid, such as gluten, milk, nuts, etc.

In your personalised report, we analyse 8 nutrition-related genetic traits: caffeine metabolism, salt, fat, saturated fat, calories, carbohydrates, obesity risk and sugar.

DNA Test + DNA Report + DnaNudge App + our Nutrition Barcode-Scanning Service on your Smartphone


Active Nudge will constantly update your personalised, DNA-based recommendations in real time, monitoring your inactivity levels throughout the day and relating these back to your available green product choices.

When the light on your DnaBean shows amber, you’ve been sitting for too long and it’s now time to move.

Some foods are better for you under the condition that you lead an active lifestyle. When you are inactive for prolonged periods, these borderline products will become red. To get these back to green, you just need to be a little more active.

It’s all about balance – it’s the Active Nudge that makes the difference.