Q. Where can I find details of your security and privacy policies?

A. Full details of our security and privacy policies can be found in our Terms & Conditions. Click the link for details or scroll to the bottom of our web pages and click on 'Terms & Conditions'.

Q. Where can I find details of your cookie policy?

A. Full details of our cookie policy can be found here.

Q. Where can I find safety information about your product?

A. Safety information can be found here or by scrolling to the bottom of our web pages and clicking on 'Safety Information'.

Q. How is my DNA data stored?

A. Upon completion of the DNA test, your results are encrypted and uploaded to a protected and secure cloud database and sent to your DnaBean which you synchronise to your phone. We do not and cannot store your saliva sample. Your sample DnaCartridge is for single-use only and is safely disposed of once your test has been completed.

Q. How is my genetic privacy protected?

A. Our DNA testing technology analyses only specific parts of your DNA that have well-defined roles in nutrition and metabolism. Since we only pinpoint certain locations within specific genes (SNPs), your full genetic identity can never be revealed by our tests.

Q. How is my DnaNudge app and personal data stored and protected?

A. All your personal data is held securely. We have put security measures in place to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, accessed, or used in an unauthorised manner or disclosed.

Q. Can my DNA data be shared with other users through NudgeShare?

A. No. DNA test results cannot be transferred between users through the NudgeShare feature. NudgeShare only allows sharing of product recommendations, keeping your genetic results private to you.

Q. Do I have the right to withdraw my DNA data?

A. Yes. If you wish to close your account and withdraw your DNA data, you can do so immediately by contacting us on customerservices@dnanudge.com.

Q. What happens to my data if I lose my DnaBean?

Do not worry if you lose your DnaBean. Your data is encrypted in the DnaBean and can only be synced with your own DnaNudge App account. You can buy a new DnaBean and set it up through your App account.