Q. What is NudgeMatch and how do I use it?

A. NudgeMatch allows you to connect to other DnaNudge Users and see how similar your genetics are. To use NudgeMatch, simply turn on your DnaBean and tap it until the light goes purple. The other DnaNudge user you are going to match with should do the same. Bring the two DnaBeans together and align the lights. When you match, the light will change colour to one of four modes.

A steady red light indicates a less than 30% DNA trait match, a steady amber light indicates a 30-70% DNA trait match, a steady green light indicates a match over 70%, and a flashing green light stands for a 100% DNA trait match.

Once you have matched with another user, sync your DnaBean and your DnaNudge App, then go to the ‘Lifestyle’ tab on the app to see the exact percentage match. To turn off, tap your DnaBean again until the purple light disappears.

You can view your previous matches in the lifestyle feed on the DnaNudge App once you have synced the DnaBean.

Q. What is NudgeShare?

A. NudgeShare allows you to connect with your family and friends and shop for them using DnaNudge. It combines your DnaNudge shopping profile with another DnaNudge user to make group-based product recommendations.

When you scan a product in NudgeShare mode, it will scan for all users linked to your shopping profile and you can view which user-specific products aren’t recommended and why.

When you share your shopping profile with another user your DNA information is not shared with them, it remains private and only visible to you.

Q. How can I set up NudgeShare on my DnaNudge app?

A. To add one of your friends or family to your NudgeShare, simply go to the ‘Lifestyle’ tab, and in the top right, select the ‘Add User’ image. To connect, one user must select 'Share Profile' which will display a QR code. The other user must select 'Add Profile,' which will display a QR code scanner, and use the scanner to scan their QR code. This will automatically share user shopping profiles. Follow the instructions on screen and once the sharing is complete, both users must sync their DnaBeans with their own DnaNudge App. You can temporarily select and deselect users for shopping trips or individual products that you have scanned by tapping on their user profile icon. When they are deselected, their profile will be greyed out. You can permanently remove a user by going to the ‘More’ tab and selecting NudgeShare, select the user you want to remove and then select 'remove friend'. When you make any changes to NudgeShare in your DnaNudge App, you must sync your DnaBean for the information to be transferred.

Q. How can I use NudgeShare on my DnaBean?

A. You can turn NudgeShare on and off on your DnaBean to find foods that are best for the users, or foods that are suited to you. To activate NudgeShare, turn the DnaBean on and tap it until the light turns purple before you scan a product’s barcode. When you scan a product in this mode it will give a recommendation based on all the users in your NudgeShare group. Tap the DnaBean again to turn off the purple light when you have finished scanning to disable NudgeShare mode and return to individual-shopping mode. NudgeShare mode will also time out after about 2 minutes, and the purple light will automatically turn off.

Q. Are there any minimum age requirements for using NudgeShare?

A. DnaNudge's services, including the Nutrition DNA test, App and Active Nudge are for ages 11+. All product recommendations are intended as a guide only. If you use NudgeShare whilst shopping for children, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to decide what food and drinks to buy for them.

Under certain conditions, you will see that some user's icons appear faded. This is because the DnaNudge App is using an 'age-rule' and has not included the user when deciding about a product. For example, for users under the age of 18, alcohol, coffee, tea & protein supplements are not recommended and therefore their user profile will be greyed out when scanning in NudgeShare mode, meaning they will be excluded from any group recommendations.