Q. What is the Green DNA Bar?

A. The Green DNA Bar is found in the Lifestyle tab of the DnaNudge App. It is not the same as the DNA Bar on the DNA Report tab. The Green DNA Bar represents the green section of the DNA Bar and will dynamically change based on your level of inactivity. If you are meeting your daily steps per sitting time goal, which you entered during the DnaBean setup process, the bar will be completely green and all the products that are recommended for you based on your DNA Report with scan as green. When you are not meeting this goal, by being too sedentary, the bar will progressively change colour to become more amber. When you scan some products that are usually recommended for you based on your DNA Report, they will display an amber light indicating that the product is not currently recommended for you based on your level of inactivity. By being more active, you can change the colour back to green and those products will be recommended for you again. You can switch this function on or off in your App settings, under the Green DNA Bar.

Q. Where can I view a summary of my sitting time?

A. You can quickly check this on the lifestyle page of the DnaNudge app. The Green DNA Bar summarises your sedentary level by showing how far away you are from your sitting time limits. You can find your steps and sitting time at the bottom right of the bar. If you sit for more than half an hour at any one time, this will start contributing to your recorded sitting time, and your Green DNA Bar will start to turn amber. When the DnaBean is turned off, moving the wristband up and down will trigger it to show the current Green DNA Bar colour. If there is any amber in the Green DNA Bar, it will trigger the light on your DnaBean to become amber. When the entire Bar has become amber, the light will flash amber to notify you.

Q. Is the sitting time recorded by the Green DNA Bar cumulative throughout the day or tracked as separate sitting periods?

A. The numbers are accumulated throughout the day. The steps will not compensate the sitting time until it has reached the steps you have chosen to compensate for half an hour of sitting time.

Q. Can sitting for a prolonged time effect my personalised food recommendations?

A. If you are too sedentary during the day your Green DNA Bar will start to show as amber in colour. Products will then start to show as amber when scanned, indicating that they are not currently recommended for you due to a lack of activity. By being more active across the course of the rest of the day, your Green DNA Bar will start to turn green again and eventually products that were originally amber will start to scan as green again, meaning they are now suitable for you to consume.