Q. Why is DnaNudge only available to UK customers online at the moment?

A. Our databases have over half a million products which are primarily belonging to UK-based brands, yet we contain many international brands that can be found across the globe. We are constantly adding new products to our database and expanding our international capabilities to increase our global coverage.

Q. When I place an online order what will I receive in my postal package?

A. You will receive a box containing your colour and size choice of DnaBand, your colour choice of DnaBean, easy-to-use cheek swab kit, consent forms to be filled in and returned, and a pre-paid return envelope to send the swabs back to us for testing.

Q. How quickly will I get my genetic results from the online service?

A. When you order online, we will send you our easy-to-use cheek swab kit - it takes just a minute to use - then simply return it to us using the pre-paid envelope in the kit. Once we have your returned swab, we will process it in store and you will receive a code which you will need to validate by signing in to your DnaNudge app, as that is where you will be able to access your results which will be in a DNA report format. This whole process, including postage, normally takes around 5 working days.