Small changes, positive outcomes

Behavioural change. It's hard. But what if the answer is in your own DNA? No more impossible diets or mountains of skincare, just realistic, actionable, personal DNA-based recommendations, when you're shopping. This is DnaNudge.

Professor Chris Toumazou
Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Toumazou FRS is a multi-award winning inventor, innovator and tech entrepreneur with over 80 granted patents in the field of consumer healthcare and microchip technology. He is London’s first Regius (Royal) Professor of Engineering and founder of the Imperial College Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Maria Karvela
Co-founder & CSO

Maria Karvela is a published biologist, geneticist and leukaemia researcher. Maria’s team of geneticists, biologists, dieticians, and deep learning software engineers created the world’s first database to map genetic traits to individual food, drink and skincare product ingredients, opening up a new era of DNA personalised shopping.

Nudging your everyday choices through your DNA

Each one of us is genetically unique and our DNA determines which foods and skincare products are good or bad for us. One size does not fit all, and generalised recommendations may not be right for you.

At DnaNudge we enable you to use your own DNA, your own biology, to inform your everyday choices – it makes health personal.

How it works

The science behind DnaNudge

We all want personalisation in every choice we make, and the best way to truly personalise your choices is by using your own DNA to guide you. It doesn't get any more personal.