Nudging your everyday choices

Each one of us is genetically unique and our DNA determines what foods are good or bad for us.

At DnaNudge we enable you to use your own DNA, your own biology, to inform your everyday choices – it makes health personal.

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Our Nutrition test

The DnaCartridge & NudgeBox

A quick and simple one-time-use cheek swab is all we need from you, this is then inserted into our patented DnaCartridge and placed into our NudgeBox.

Here DNA is extracted from your sample and the specific SNP's*, relating to nutrition-related health conditions are analysed.
*a 'snip' is a single 'letter' out of the 3 billion in your DNA code

Your digital DNA

The DnaBean

Once the test is completed in 90 minutes, results are loaded onto your personalised DnaBean 'digitising your DNA'. Your unique DNA report is uploaded to your App and then all DNA material is clinically destroyed to maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

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Your DNA, Your Choice

Our aim is to nudge you towards better food choices, guided by your own DNA.

Using your genetic predispositions to a number of nutrition-related conditions, your DnaBean and App will highlight the best food products for you while you shop, by indicating red or green, simply by scanning the barcode.

Fast, actionable, personal recommendations.

Shop with your DNA

The App

The DnaNudge App holds your unique DNA report showing your genetic predispositions and risk levels – red, amber or green – to a number of nutrition-related health traits. Now, each time you shop and scan a product the App will show you personalised product recommendations based on your own DNA.

You can't change your DNA but you can keep it healthy by keeping active and having a healthier lifestyle. Our App also generates your personal 'Green DNA Bar', which shows in real time the impact your lifestyle has on your DNA. Too much sitting and inactivity will turn your 'Green DNA Bar' amber nudging you to get up and move around to keep it green.