Eat right, move more. DNA + Lifestyle.

Inactivity during the day can affect your health and will change what DnaNudge recommends you eat.

Something that was green for you may now be amber. To get back to green, you need to move a little.

Your DNA bar

This represents the number of red and green products in our food database, based on your DNA. Although you can't change your DNA, you can keep it healthy. Lifestyle plays a major role in terms of your longterm health. Diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are by no means just down to your DNA. They are also significantly influenced by nutrition and inactivity.

Your Green DNA bar

If you're inactive for long periods your DnaBean will warn you by showing amber and your Green DnaBar will begin to turn amber too. This means that foods that were green for you are now slightly unhealthier, because of your inactivity. To get the green light again, you need to move a little.

Your DNA is as good as it gets, so keep it healthy by eating right and moving more.

DNA Confident

Confidence is knowing how important it is to keep your DNA healthy.

Confidence is knowing that you are making the right choices and the positive effect that these choices can make on your life.

Confidence is knowing, and celebrating, who you are. It enriches us all.

Your DNA, your choice

We're not trying to replace general healthy eating practices.

DnaNudge interprets specific genetic traits into personal and actionable product recommendations. Over 500,000 products have been analysed, along with the latest national guidelines and scientific evidence, and years of patient research by our team of world-class scientists, geneticists, software engineers and dietitians.

Our aim is to nudge you towards a healthier you. It's not major changes in your life, it's tiny shifts guided by your DNA. So if you want to eat a biscuit, you can eat a biscuit, we'll just show you the best, the healthiest biscuit, for you.