DnaNudge: coming soon in stores

DnaNudge is pioneering something completely new – the ability to nudge your everyday shopping choices through your DNA, at the point of decision.

Having downloaded the DnaNudge App to your phone and following an on-the-spot, instore genetic test, you can immediately shop using your mobile phone or your DnaBand to make DNA-informed food choices as you look for healthier options.



The in-store test will be available in the UK in early 2019, followed by wider international roll-out, including the USA.

The Nutrition DnaCartridge will be available at launch followed by an ever-expanding range that includes targeted Nutrition and Personal Care Products.


Swab the inside
of your mouth.
The swab is then
inserted into the

The DnaCartridge
is placed in the
Nudgebox and
the test begins.

Within 15 minutes,
the DnaNudge test
results upload to
the DnaNudge App
on your smartphone
or you can upload
onto your DnaBand.

Now you can
shop using your
DNA to find the
healthier food
options for you.

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