Your DNA, Your Health, Your Choice

The aim of DnaNudge is to allow people’s individual dna to guide  them towards healthier choices. We align specifically chosen  genetic traits with actionable dietary recommendations that  are easy to follow.

The service complements general healthy eating best practices  and is informed by national dietary guidelines. To gather the best  evidence, our team of dietitians have analysed over 190,000 food  and drink products alongside the latest scientific evidence from  the Scientific Advisory Committee and the British Nutrition  Foundation.

DnaNudge works within the parameters of each individual’s  habitual food shopping behaviour – so, if you’ve decided you  want crisps, which would be better suited for you?

The test and the series of ‘nudges’ help you navigate all of these  micro choices, so that over time you can make a significant step  towards better health, without giving up on all life’s pleasures.

Take for example a simple DNA-based “nudge” to buy a cereal  product that contains less calories or sugar. Within a year, such  a simple swap could result in effortless weight loss of 3.5Kg  (7.7pounds), or a reduction in sugar consumption of 7Kg (this is  1788 tablespoons of sugar!). This means that even a single  product change can, in the long term, have a significant positive  health impact.

Our DNA-product mapping system is powered by proprietary  algorithms developed by our team of scientists, geneticists,  bioinformatitians, dietitians and deep-learning software engineers.   Every time you scan a barcode, we take into account thousands  of parameters to deliver the precise recommendation.  This includes your DNA profile, findings from hundreds of  gene-diet interaction studies, clinical trials, allergen profiling and  national dietary guidelines.

Your resulting DnaNudge profile is unique, created by combining  the genetic traits found in your DNA Report. This gives us an  insight into how you metabolise food, how different nutrients  affect your body and what impact different ingredients will have  on you in the long run. The integrity of the science and evidence  base for our approach is extremely well established. DnaNudge  works closely with Imperial College, London, drawing on several  high impact scientific publications in the field of medical genetics.

The DnaCartridge test provides results for a number of nutritional  traits including:

Metabolic Imbalances: Calorie Sensitivity - Carbohydrate Sensitivity - Fat Sensitivity - Salt Sensitivity - Saturated Fat Sensitivity - Sugar Sensitivity - Weight Management

Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamin B6 Requirements - Vitamin B12 Requirements - Vitamin D Requirements - Iron Absorption

Sensitivities: Alcohol Metabolism - Caffeine Metabolism - Coeliac Disease - Food Additives Sensitivity - Lactose Tolerance

Food behaviour: Confectionery Consumption - Food Desire

Taste: Bitter Taste - Sweet Taste Preference

Take for example a simple DNA-based “nudge” to buy a cereal  product that contains less calories or sugar. Within a year, such  a simple swap could lead to an effortless weight loss of 3.5Kg  (7.7pounds) or the reduction of sugar consumption by 7Kg  (this is 1788 tablespoons of sugar). This means that even a single  product change can in the long term have a significant health  impact on an individual’s health.

The DnaNudge test will not diagnose food allergies or other  health conditions. We do not provide medical or dietetic advice,  and we recommend always consulting a health professional  before making changes to your diet. If as part of your lifestyle  you wish to exclude specific ingredients, such as gluten, artificial  colours or flavourings, you can let the app know, and a notification  will appear at the bottom of the screen every time you scan an  item that contains ingredients you wish to avoid.*

*Please note that this feature is not suitable for individuals with allergies,  as we cannot guarantee that the product information we receive from  manufacturers and other third party product datasets are accurate.  We recommend that you always check product labels and ingredients  to ensure they are suitable for you.

We don’t conduct any measurement – our users will measure  the benefits themselves, according to their individual goals.

The definition of success will differ from person to person –  whether that’s feeling healthier, having more energy, sleeping  better, or weight management. You may have heard the saying  “the best diet is the one you don’t know that you are having.”

With DnaNudge, it’s your DNA that is guiding your choices.