The DnaNudge App

MyDNA Report:
The DnaNudge App is the place where you can find the results of your DNA test and learn more about how your body is genetically wired to metabolise food.

By clicking on ‘MyDNA report’ in the app, you can find comprehensive explanations of each of the genetic traits that you have been tested for, along with practical tips and tailored advice for you.

The simple colour-coded layout helps you navigate your DNA and understand how different dietary components may affect your health in the long term.

DNA-personalised product recommendations:
By simply scanning the barcode of a food or drink product, you can instantly see whether it is a good match for you or not. Our database contains more than 190,000 products and 12,000 brands to choose from! Every time you scan an item’s barcode, our proprietory algorithms take into account thousands of parameters in order to make an instant recommendation, truly unique to you.

You can further personalise your app based on your lifestyle - if you want to avoid any ingredients (such as gluten, artificial colours and sweeteners) the app will remember every time you scan a product and suggest suitable swaps!

The more you use the app, the smarter the alternative recommendations become since the app understands better your preferences and shopping habits.

Connect with your family and friends:
We all in our own way try to set the foundation of good health for our loved ones – and yet when it comes to food, making the right decisions can seem a mystery, given all the choice. Finally there is a solution for the entire family in one app.

NudgeShare is an app feature designed by our expert team of dieticians and software engineers specifically for families, partners and friends who do their shopping together. Using groundbreaking mathematics and nutritional science, the Nudgeshare algorithm takes into account multiple genetic profiles to assess if a product is good for all users.

NudgeShare stores nutritional requirements from all stages of life and can be used for infants (12 months and above) and children. Users can seamlessly add friends and family and choose to include or exclude them from product matching. While this feature allows you to choose who you share your food items with -  it does not share your genetic information – which means you have complete control over your data and your privacy!

The Shopping Diary:
The “Diary” feature helps you to keep track of your purchases as you build healthier habits. You can quickly and easily see the breakdown of your shopping, and monitor your progress weekly, month or yearly. By clicking on the different food categories, you can receive in-depth analysis of how “balanced” the items you purchase are in a visual way and graphic calculations. Our expert algorithms will nudge you if you are purchasing too many snacks or too few vegetables- we are always looking out for you and your health. 

Sync with your DnaBand:
You can also use the DnaNudge App to sync with your DnaBand.