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Book a DnaNudge COVID Bubble Test

We can test from 1 up to 10 people in your bubble on the same COVID Bubble test cartridge. Each test cartridge is £100, meaning our highly accurate, gold-standard test is just £100 for 1 person or from as little as £10 per person if 10 are tested.

We ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment.

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Travel certificates
We can also supply a COVID-19 travel certificate - for which there is no extra charge. This is only available for individuals and must be a COVID Bubble test for 1 person + Travel Certificate at £100, the top of the selection list on the right. You will also need to bring your passport to the store. Please check with your airline and destination country that they will accept our travel certificate, before buying our test.

Customers requiring a travel certificate to China will be required to provide 2 forms of photo ID. One must be your passport and the other needs to be either a visa, driving licence, student card or citizenship card. All IDs must be in date and show your full name.

Antibody Test
In addition to our COVID Bubble PCR test, we can also supply a choice of two Antibody tests delivering IgM results if your destination country also requires this in addition to a PCR test result. This can be bought together with your Bubble test and is carried out at the same time, in the same in store appointment.
Please select either:
COVID Bubble test (1 person) + Intravenous blood IgM test + Travel Certificate at £300 – required for travel to China.
COVID Bubble test (1 person) + Lancet finger prick blood IgM test + Travel Certificate at £200 from the test selection list on the right.

Please select your test from the list:

COVID Bubble test (1 person) + Travel Certificate15 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (1 person) + Intravenous blood IgM test + Travel Certificate30 minutes£ 300.00
COVID Bubble test (1 person) + Lancet finger prick blood IgM test + Travel Certificate30 minutes£ 200.00
COVID Bubble test (1 person)15 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (2 people)20 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (3 people)25 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (4 people)30 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (5 people)35 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (6 people)40 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (7 people)45 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (8 people)50 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (9 people)55 minutes£ 100.00
COVID Bubble test (10 people)60 minutes£ 100.00